• 10+ Engineering Suites Available
  • Studio Grade Construction
  • Fully Decoupled Floors, Walls and Ceilings
  • Single and Double Solid Core Doors
  • Acoustic Treatment Packages Available
  • Vocal Booths Available
  • Custom Flooring Available
  • Isolation from Rehearsal Rooms
  • Long Term Leases Available

Fort Knox Studios offers the highest quality pre-configured Isolation Suites in the Chicagoland area. All of our suites are constructed on the first floor over a 12″ solid concrete slab floor construction. Walls feature fully decoupled studs with at least three layers of heavy wall materieal (5/8” fire rated drywall).

In addition, every wall is fully sealed using OSI brand acoustic rated sealant, and each layer utilizes Green Glue soundproofing compound between them, ensuring an extremely heavy and technologically advanced wall design.

Rather than simply install layer after layer of drywall like most facilities, our use of Green Glue, acoustic sealant, decoupling materials, and isolating rubber provides acoustic isolation and attenuation results based on designs gleaned from high end professional recording facilities.

For more information on pricing and availability, please give us a call at (773) 295-6161.